Frestyl Fitness

Pole Dance Classes for Fun, Fitness and Empowerment 
* Mankato * Minneapolis * Rochester

Imagine starting pole fitness classes a few weeks before your wedding, birthday, or that pesky class reunion....


Attend class when it works for you. Drop in regularly or  on a whim. Walk-ins welcome, online reservations recommended.
Pay online
or in person.

Give it a whirl.

Workshops / Parties
Two hours just for you and your friends!
Learn calorie-scortching-hot moves, have a dance party, and document your great time together with pics and video (if so desired). Schedule a time that works for you.

Best for birthday & bachelorette parties!

Groups & Boot Camps

Private group classes scheduled when it works for you & your pals.

10% off for booking more than one class at a time, 20% off  for those who've already attended a
Workshop or Party.

Great for brides-to-be & those working toward a goal.

Pole dance classes at less than the cost of happy hour. 

Walk-ins welcome, reservations recommended.

No dance or exercise experience necessary. Frestyl Basic, Flexibility, Pole Fitness Routine, and Workshops (Divinely Inspired Dance Parties and Pole Fitness Basics) are great for beginners & first-timers. All classes are 75 minutes long. All body types, sizes, ages, abilities and fitness levels are welcome and encouraged at Frestyl!
What Do I Wear to Pole Class?
Wear any clothes you feel comfortable working out in. Cotton yoga pants or shorts and tank tops are good. Leg warmers are recommended for knee padding. Avoid lycra/spandex materials because these can get slippery, and avoid lotion on the day of class! Intermediate and advanced students who climb and invert will want booty shorts, crop tops/sports bras, and no lotion. Workouts are done barefoot or in ballet or turning shoes ("foot undeez").